Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cumlicious Delicious -- Cum Eating at its FINEST!!

There are some dudes who make a big deal about cum eating.  I mean seriously think about this for just a minute.  You want me to swallow right??  DUH.   But asking you to cum swap or taste it or eat it is somehow some big deal or if you do it -- you still make a big deal like you are a fetish god.

GET OVER YOURSELF.   You are not that spectacular.   Cum eating is a delicious finish and a gift.   You can do with it what you want.   Just be natural and cool about it -- anything else just wrecks the moment.

And don't think I won't laugh at you at forever if you bitch about cum eating phone sex with me.  Everyone in the universe knows that it is my thing so get into it or get over it.


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