Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cum Eating Deliciousness for the Holidays

Yes my little cum suckers, it is the holidays.   So first, thank you to all  my little cum eating freaks who have sent me prezzies or gift cards.   I know I have sent all of you special messages but just wanted to call you in public for that.     And if you are one of my phone sex humiliation freaks then you know that you are pathetic to send me gifts just for me calling you a cum licking faggot.

Cum eating phone sex is so individual.   There are cum eating phone sex callers like sexy B who want it all sensual and GFE.   Then there are the forced ones who want me to force you by holding the back of your head while you gobble it off a hot dick or force you into a huckabuck to spray it in your own face.

Ya I know some of you cum eating phone sex freaks are getting all hot and bothered now just thinking about it.

So sounds like it is time for you to call me or one of my hot backup girls

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