Friday, October 12, 2012

Cum Sucking -- You know you love it!

Something so completely hot about a man who knows what he likes.   Cum sucking is certainly one of those things.  But you want to know what is hotter?   A man who is not sure who pushes his limits.   We all have limits, I totally get that.  But if you have never tried something -- why are you putting a stop on it?  Unless it completely turns you off, then give it a chance.  I think you will find that you LOVE IT.

Cum eating phone sex is wild and exciting and it really is for anyone.  I don't know why you wouldn't try it.    It doesn't mean that you want to suck anyone's but your own -- of course I love men who push that cocksucking limit too, but one thing at a time -- lol.

So eating your own cum should be something that you do TONIGHT!!  And then you will get a chance to call me and tell me all about it in our next hot cum eating phone sex call.  Don't keep such strict limits on yourself, you will really enjoy it!


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