Friday, June 13, 2008

Cum Eating With Samantha

Well, I just wanted a place that was specific to this fetish. Lots of my cum eating fans have seen my posts on my site but ya know -- sometimes ya just gotta have a place that is JUST for that and ONLY THAT. So this is for cum-eating and ONLY that fetish.

What do I mean by cum eating. Well I don't mean me honey. Yes, I do enjoy it as an integral part of a hot blow job. But when I talk about cum eating, I mean YOU eating your own cum. I mean maybe someone else's too ;) but certainly your own.

I am going to stay away from dragging this blog down with a lot of pictures -- I will put a CLEAN pic at times but this is all about the hot fetish that I find so fun and kinky.

If you want to make a cum eating phone sex call with me -- then give me a call. If you are just curious about the cum eating fetish -- then check back here OFTEN for more great sexy info on what is really one of my favorite fetishes and favorite phone sex calls.

For more info on me - feel free to check my website -- hot phone girl


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